The Quarter Kitchen

Jul 24, 2019

Allow the alluring undertones of turmeric and tamarind; or cumin and coriander to chauffeur you to a 400-year-old history, rich in flavour, tradition and ingenuity. The fusion between authentic Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine, with that of seasoned and palatable Dutch recipes is unique to the Quarter Kitchen, located within the Portswood Hotel.

Cape Malay cuisine dates back to the lucrative Spice Trade, where the Dutch East India Company established the Cape Colony in 1652. With spice considered more valuable than gold, initially, the Colony’s sole purpose was to be a refreshment station for Dutch trading vessels, which sailed extensive journeys between Asia and Europe. The Colony quickly grew into a permanent settlement, which was populated by a mix of Dutch, Malaysian and local ethnic groups.

One establishment in particular — the Breakwater Prison, also known as the Good Conduct Ward, embodies the spirit of the Quarter Kitchen. Accented walls of the prison, complemented by contemporary interior design, create a warm, authentic and rustic ambiance as you dine in an array of aromatic decadence. But wait, there’s more! What’s not to love about the Curry Feast every Wednesday evenings from 6-10:30pm; a true indulgence of a spicy, long–standing Cape Malay history. Explore the rich history and impeccable flavours of the Quarter Kitchen here:

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