Kuzuko Cheetahs

Apr 19, 2022

Kuzuko's Cheetah Update

The Cheetah Metapopulation Project (CMP) entails the management of approximately 486 Cheetahs on 68 reserves in Southern Africa. The project is coordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and is supported by a multitude of partners and stakeholders, including researchers, national parks, provincial conservation areas and private reserves.

The principal goals of the project are to maintain the genetic and demographic integrity of the Cheetah metapopulation and to increase the resident range of wild Cheetahs across their historical distribution range.

Since its inception Kuzuko Lodge has been an integral part of the CMP of the EWT. Kuzuko has contributed close to 30 cheetahs into the CMP which were introduced into reserves and parks all over Southern Africa.

Some two and a half years ago our conservation team started to plan for the next generation of young animals to be released onto Kuzuko which would lead to a new breeding program from which offspring would be made available to the EWT. Two months ago, a young male coalition, which were born on Kuzuko, were released onto the reserve and they quickly found their feet and started hunting. They are regularly seen by our guests while on game drive and help to keep prey populations in check.

Kuzuko 141.jpg

One month ago, a young female was also released on Kuzuko and she has a special place in our conservation outlook. This female was orphaned at a very young age on Samara Private Game Reserve – Eastern Cape and was subsequently bonded with another cheetah mother and cubs at Kuzuko where she grew up.

Upon coming of age, she was donated to us by Samara and since her genetics make up some 14% of the CMP, having her cubs with our new males will make for sought after genetics for the CMP. She also settled soon after her release and her first kill was a young impala ram. Regularly seen by our guests she also offers fantastic viewing when guests go on our guided walks.

This morning our conservation monitoring team were pleasantly surprised when we found all three cheetahs together. Although the female still resists the males, we are confident and that they will produce cubs in the near future and the ongoing commitment from Kuzuko to the CMP of the EWT will continue.

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