Diana Li

Oct 28, 2020

Meet Diana Li, one of our lovely receptionists at DAVINCI Hotel and Suites. Her warmth will wrap around you upon your arrival to our lavish lobby.

She first fell in love with hospitality as a child. Her parents owned a butchery and spending time there she found a passion for customer service. In her own words, "Owning a butchery had opened my eyes to more of the world. It brought me great pleasure watching others smile when leaving the shop".

Her experiences at the shop inspired a dream of opening her own café where "guests can sit and relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee". But not just any café she says; "One with a reading corner for those who enjoy a good book and a section just for the kids to enjoy".

Her passion and dreams led to her enrolling at the International Hotel School, where she went on to study Hospitality Management. She achieved her goal and graduated. Her experiences at the Hotel School ignited an interest in the 'behind the scenes' of hospitality, so she applied as an intern at Micros, a software and hardware system company for hotels, for six months. She became a full-time employee, giving her more time to expand her knowledge. "I was able to learn how the systems were installed and set up for the hotels to access in order to make things easier for their guests".

After two and a half years at Micros, she decided it was time for a new adventure. She applied for her current position as a receptionist at DAVINCI Hotel and Suites. Though life as a hotel receptionist is not always simple, she says that "being able to work with the guests, and watching them appreciate the effort we put in for them, makes every second of the hardships worth it". She loves being able to put a smile on their faces every day.

She still dreams of opening her café one day, and possibly even creating a franchise. For now, DAVINCI Hotel and Suites is her home and has been for the past three years, and she couldn't be happier. We hope you'll say hi to Diana next time you visit us; she'll be sure to put a smile on your face.

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