Be Happy this May

Apr 24, 2022

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”-Abraham Lincoln Is happiness a choice? Definitely, YES! Happy people realize that happiness is a choice that they make intentionally every day.

We all face setbacks, distractions, frustrations, uncertainties that can make it difficult to choose to be positive and enjoy genuine happiness and contentment. And even in good times, we can choose to fear that happiness can be fleeting.

Then there are also times when life throws us a real curve ball — an illness, a loss of a job, or a breakup in a relationship. What are we supposed to do? How can we find and choose to hold on to the peace, contentment and joy that we crave?

According to the latest research, a powerful technique called “mindfulness” which is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, has been found to be the key element to choosing happiness and through this intentional positivity to having a healthier mind and body.

How can Legacy Balance help you to choose happiness?

Self-care and taking time out from the daily grind will give you an opportunity to focus internally and better enhance a positive mindset that will enable you to choose the path to happiness over the more worn paths to despair and discouragement.

Regular massages decrease your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and also have the ability to reduce depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Science has shown that taking the time out to focus on the quiet and healing effects of touch leads to better choices and ultimately health and happiness.

Our “Choose Happiness” recommendation for this May?

We have seen that our clients who regularly visit us for “time-outs”, are happier and seem to cope with stress better. They don’t always come for a massage but they always visit and spend some quiet time with themselves. These are some of the benefits they have shared with us:

• “I’ve learned my own personal happiness-boosting inner techniques that make me stronger and better at dealing with what life sends my way. I use regular massage to relax my body and mind, strangely enough it helps me feel more energetic and perform better.”

• “Whenever I have a facial, my skin looks healthier and I feel like I glow, this gives me more confidence in my appearance and I feel happier, which makes me glow even more!”

• “You know that feeling you get when someone you love gives you a big hug? I get a similar feeling after a firm massage. I suppose it is what human contact and touch is supposed to do? My regular massages are worth the time and money and I always leave feeling contented and loved, by myself I suppose.”

• “The Leonardo Spa is my happy zone where I’m completely engaged and absorbed, where time flies happily by, and where toxic thoughts are banished from my mind.” • “My sister and I replaced our weekly coffee / lunch / after work drinks dates with a spa visit. Best thing we ever did! We replaced eating and drinking with shared self-care, sometimes it’s a manicure, other weeks a massage. Sometimes we chat sometimes we are silent, but it’s always together. I think our relationship has grown and for me it has helped develop an attitude of gratitude about our shared past and shapes a spirit of optimism for our present and futures.”

This May Legacy Balance Spas are giving you the power of Pick n mix of treatments, as part of our monthly promo, you can actively and intentionally pursue your happy place. It’s part of your decision-making on how to be happy @ the Spa.

Please share with us on social media what it is about self-care that enables you to choose a positive mindset and Happiness! 2 happy people will get the “Pick n Mix” on us this May.

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