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Diana Li

Oct 28, 2020

Meet Diana Li, one of our lovely receptionists at DAVINCI Hotel and Suites. Her warmth will wrap around you upon your arrival to our lavish lobby. She first fell in love with hospitality as a child. ...

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Kuzuko Bird Hide

Sep 01, 2020

Kuzuko is excited to share a new addition to their offerings. The concept of this project was born during a visit from the A Rocha board late 2019. Unbeknown to any of us, during the chatter about the...

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NY Cheesecake Recipe

Aug 31, 2020

Chef Kalpesh’s Recipe of the Month Cheesecake: a creamy, sharp-yet-sweet luxury delight. Baked or not, this dessert is a delicacy for each mouth it reaches. Originating in Greece, this dish was known ...